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Blog Tour ~ 1:05 Am by C.M. Moore

Roxane's Review:
1:05 a.m. is the debut novel for C.M. Moore. It’s a 2nd chance romance set in what becomes the former Americas during an Ice Age induced by a meteor hit. The survivors are left to do whatever it takes to exist, to create a new world for themselves, some in underground bases to protect themselves from the bitter cold, others near the equator where it’s a bit warmer but very populated. It is hard life, one born from necessity and loyalty. Choices must be made for the good of the people and not always for the good of oneself. 

Loyalty and trust are not earned lightly in this frozen world, and Rea McBain must search deep into his soul to make the right choices for his base, his people, and himself. Above all, he needs to ensure he isn’t broken beyond repair again by the betrayal and loss of his only love, Karma. 
I really must say that at first glance, this was not a title that intrigued me but after seeing some of the promotional posts on social media for this book an heard from others about how good it was, I decided to leave my comfort zone and take a chance on a new author and a dystopian read. I was so pleasantly surprised by the amazing story behind the title. I absolutely fell in love with the main characters, Rea and Karma, as well as the supporting cast. 

First and foremost, this is a romance where the characters have been torn apart at a young age and through a twist of fate, after many tough and hardened years, they are brought back together. The circumstances surrounding their existence elicits drama, action, and suspense. The author creates many questions in your mind leaving you to wonder about the motives of many characters and second-guess who you can trust. Even the star-crossed lovers are left questioning the truth of their relationship and where the future may take them. They had a definite sensory connection between the two of them that was quite apparent when they were anywhere near each other and especially when they gave into their desires. Sexual tension and release keeps you turning the pages of this book if nothing else does. The sex scenes in this book will make you melt. Rea and Karma care so deeply for each other that they can’t help but find themselves drawn together over and over again. They aren’t just two people finding release with each other. They are two people, bearing their soul to each other, totally trusting the other and showing their absolute love for one another – something they fight against but to no avail.

It didn’t take me very long to be riveted to this story and I was so pleased to read a romance with some very different elements and levels of intrigue. I totally recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a good romance with a little suspense and action on the side. All of the rest that came with this book was absolute icing on the cake for me. I am totally pleased that I took a chance on this new author – they blew me away and I look forward to more from them.

Book: 1.05 am
Author: C. M. Moore
Genre: Dystopian Military Romance



Yearning for a normal life, assassin Karmen-Marie has had enough. Enough of surviving contracted hits, and enough of the post-apocalyptic world. Forced to take one last job, Karma sets out across the frozen landscape of Earth. 

Rea MacBain's job is to ensure the safety of Earth's precious few water purification plants. He believes his abusive past must stay buried under the snow that encases his domain. 

A single bullet will send Karma and Rea in a direction they’d never expected. Ice cold assassin's blood drives the woman sent to kill him, yet it ignites the fire which thaws Rea's heart.

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Meet The Author:

C.M. Moore is a retired soldier, and a romantic at heart. After being blown up in Afghanistan and receiving a purple heart; he began writing. Connor’s first book 1:05 am is a mixture of love, sex, and action. Today if you are looking for Connor, you can find him volunteering with veteran organizations, and harassing his military buddies. You can also find him attempting to “hunt” in the woods and ponds of Minnesota. In the event you find him in the woods, don’t be scared, he can’t hit anything.


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