Wednesday, November 9, 2016

New Blog Post: "Sneak Peak ~ Heat Wave by Karina Halle"

He looks at me and sighs. “I shouldn’t have kissed you.”
“No, you shouldn’t have.”
“You did kiss me back, though.”
It was impossible not to.
“Momentary lapse of judgement,” I tell him. “I blame Dan’s punch.”
“I’m your boss. It was reckless of me. I took advantage of you.”
“Whoa, hey now,” I tell him. “You didn’t take advantage of me. I wasn’t that drunk. I knew exactly what I was doing.”
“And yet you still did it,” he says, his tone softer, his eyes searching mine, shining in the streetlights.
“As I said…it was a momentary lapse of judgement.” I avert my eyes, feeling that pull to him, like the waves to the moon. I can’t put myself in that situation again.
I can see him cock his head out of the corner of my eye, studying me. “Do you regret it?”
I swallow. “Do you?”
“I just said it was a mistake.”
I nod. “Yeah. Yeah and you’re right. It was.”
“People make mistakes all the time,” he goes on, his words taking on a silken quality. I can’t help but close my eyes as he comes forward. His fingers trail along my jaw, disappearing behind my ear and into my hair.
Oh, god, not again. This is a test. Stay strong.
I keep my eyes closed.
“Some people never learn from them,” he adds softly.
I suck in my breath as my nerves dance from head to toe. “Why are you doing this?” I whisper.
He exhales slowly, his hand leaving my hair and drifting down my shoulder, my arm, leaving a wake of heightened skin. I surpress the urge to shiver.
“Touching you?” he asks.
“Yes.” My voice shakes.
“Because I want to.”
“And you think you just can?”
“Because I know you want me to.”
“You just said it was a mistake.”
“Maybe I’m testing you.” His hand comes off of me. “To see if you’d make the same mistake again.”
Heat Wave by Karina Halle releasing Nov 16

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