Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Roxane's Review Of Filthy Rich


I’ve been patiently waiting for Raine’s next book and she totally did not disappoint. Filthy Rich is the first book in her new series, The Blackstone Dynasty, and she absolutely has me in love with this whole family. This book is a Cinderella story where rich boy meets regular girl and their whirlwind romance ensues.

When I think of a book by Raine Miller, I immediately think of a devilishly handsome billionaire, or at least extremely wealthy, who is struck down by cupid’s arrow when their eyes first land on ‘the one’. From that point on, he will devote his whole body and soul to earning her trust and her love. Men like this are a rare find but they are always found in the pages of Raine’s books. These men are not flawless, they have their own past that rears its ugly head now and again, possible childhood issues to overcome, and family loyalties to tackle head on. These are the men that make women swoon and fall in love with them as well as give them hope that perhaps, maybe, there are real men out there just like that.

The story of Caleb and Brooke was very captivating. I was totally engrossed in their world, they became a part of me, a part of may family. They were definitely from different sides of the tracks and it was enlightening to watch Caleb’s reaction to ‘the real world’. The everyday tasks, like shopping, that most of us can do with our eyes shut, was an amazement to him. I wonder where he thought all of the items in his house actually came from since he seemed amazed about all of the items available at Target and the idea of online shopping. All of his realizations of ‘the real world’ made me chuckle and love him for even considering become one of that crowd.

This story is written in dual POV so each chapter is dedicated to the thoughts of either Brooke or Caleb. I personally enjoy this style and I really enjoy listening to the wheels turn inside the male brain. It also helps us understand the inner feelings and reasoning for some of their actions that we may not be so clear about had this style not been adapted. 

Neither Brooke nor Caleb were looking for love, but fate stepped in and brought them together, again, after many years. They may not have really remembered each other, but they did have a past connection, that I feel, in the end, drew them closer to each other. Brooke has been through some very tragic situations in her life and Caleb is so gentle and caring with helping her cope and move forward. Caleb has been born into money but money isn’t everything. Caleb has been broken since he was a child and always putting forth the stiff upper lip. Brooke and Caleb have a beautiful love story to tell and show us how the right love can break through any trauma and heal you.

One of the quotes I thoroughly took to heart: “You are inside my heart, Caleb. You’re in here so very deep, inside a part of me I thought wouldn’t ever be capable of feeling this way”.

This book has some surprises and introduces other interesting characters that are bound to show up in the rest of the series. I anxiously await those stories as well since this branch of the Blackstone Family Tree is knee deep in old family loyalty and respect, no matter how hard they fight against it. It makes for interesting stories, watching the children of these families try to find their own way and fight against what society would consider proper.

I totally recommend this book to anyone looking for a fairy tale romance filled with romantic gestures, believable characters and scenarios, several laughs along the way and some amazingly well written sex scenes. This book is not cliffhanger and from the excerpt Raine provided for her next book, it appears to me that we will see glimpses of these characters, and many of the others, throughout the series. One of my favourite things about a series is knowing I will see them again soon.

“So I won’t ever forget that you are the heart and I am your key.” Absolutely Beautiful!

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