Monday, November 28, 2016

Roxane's Review Of Heat Wave by Karina Halle

 Reviewed by Roxane: 

Heat Wave is a very beautifully written contemporary romance that renewed my belief in Love. It contains every element needed to earn a 5-star rating but the most important element that I noticed, was the element of passion. Karina has put her heart and soul into this this book and it is so evident in her words, her beautiful quotes, her amazing descriptions of the surroundings, and the love she has put from pen to paper. This story is set in the very beautiful Kauai, Hawaii and the author has put her actual visual experiences on paper for us to see through her eyes. She has honestly described the sights, sounds and scents in such detail that I could shut my eyes and envision being there.

The characters are so down to earth that you can easily place yourself in their group and become part of their chosen ohana (family). I love it when I feel so attached to the characters in a story that they become a part of me and I a part of them. Karina has managed that so well with Heat Wave. I’m sure that she will open the minds of many with this story on many different levels and start the thought process of the many possibilities that are to be had in life. We should not be led by our fears but by our desires. This life is very short, and many will relate to it being shorter for some than others. Take it by the horns and live it. The life of Veronica and Logan is a dream come true for many and if we only get to live it vicariously through this book, then so be it, but I for one have a new destination on my bucket list. I hope that Karina inspires you to look inside yourself, at your true desires, and live it, don’t sell yourself short, you can do whatever you set your mind to.

Heat Wave tackles many issues: death and grief, family’s (blood and chosen), loyalties, moral dilemmas, and how they all become a matter of the heart and teaches us that you can still be respectful while taking care of your own heart. Many people are going to have very personal feelings brought to the surface while reading story, as I did. This story made me reflect on my own feelings of losing my sister unexpectedly at a young age. I hope she helps with those reflections in at least a small way. Love is not always easy, especially when you love someone you don’t really like, because you have too. Doing the ‘right thing’ can break you, gut you irreparably, but it can also heal you and make you soar.

I absolutely loved being absorbed in Veronica and Logan’s world, watching their love blossom, even through their fears, their guilt, and their shame. They have such a build-up and a slow burn to their relationship, it fired you up and prepared you for the beautiful fireworks that erupted when they finally decide that their love is real and worth fighting for. Their love made me smile and their pain made me sob. No matter that I understood the choices they made, I didn’t have to like them. I had faith in Karina though and she did not disappoint. She has not left me in a book hangover, but rather she has left me with beautiful memories, memories that seem real, these characters are like my best friends who are waiting for me to jump on a plane and join them in paradise. She has also left me with a calmness to my own heart and circumstances and the peace to accept my own grief for what it is. Remember with respect but be true to myself and live how I need to in order to survive with happiness in my heart. 

This story flows so smoothly and is utterly perfect from beginning to end. Karina has managed to write a story that opened my eyes, gave me food for thought on my own circumstances in life, fall in love with the beautiful Kauai, be more cautious and aware of the dangers of the ocean, consider all that love can be and what we are willing to sacrifice in the name of love. If you are looking for some sexual tension and release, Karina provides that too, in some very hot and steamy ways. This woman knows how to curl your toes and get your juices flowing. Logan was so flawed and broken but Veronica was so good for him and brought out his amorous animalistic side in a very good way. Veronica was so meek and lacking confidence and watching her fall more in love with Logan and watching him build her up with his words was so heart-warming. He is a man after my own heart and I’m certain he will have many women falling in love with him. 

Karina, I thank you for your absolutely amazing ending and perfect Epilogue. You have covered all the bases. No stone left unturned, everything has come full circle. Having Logan’s POV was exactly what I needed. You have allowed me the time to settle my feelings and reflect on everything that happened. Of course, I am sad that it is over, but in the end, you made me smile, made me remember what love is about and how important family is. How important it is to accept our flaws, perhaps learn from them and do the best we can in this life while remembering to support those around us in their dreams, not our dream for them. Well done! Stay proud! 

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