Monday, November 21, 2016

Roxane's Review Of Wallflowers: Three of a kind

This was my first read by C. P. Smith and I have myself wondering WHY? Where has she been all my life? I thoroughly enjoyed it, from beginning to end! It was so much fun to read and was chocked full of elements I LOVE in a book.

First, our alpha is a fine male specimen – toned muscles, sexy southern accent, manners to die for, loves motorcycles and partial to Harley’s and is a self-employed Private Investigator. There really is nothing not to love about Devin Hawthorne. He isn’t looking for love and certainly isn’t looking for trouble but Calla delivers a wallop with those lavender eyes and he is a goner from the first moment he laid eyes on her. He soon finds out how much lyin’, stealin’, or killin’ he would be ready to do for her and his baser needs to pursue, to claim, to protect are through the roof sexy.

Devin has decided to settle in Savannah, Georgia and finds himself living next door to the young southern belle, Calla Lily Armstrong. Although Calla has her reasons for steering clear of anything and anyone that might possibly break her heart, Devin is easy on the eyes and Calla finds herself drawn to him like flies to honey. Calla is my idea of a true southern belle, full of respect for mankind and always there to help and never forgets her manners. Of course, even mannerly southern belle’s can have a wanton woman side to them, as Calla soon finds out. 

Calla and her friends, Sienna and Poppy, form the Wallflowers and they stick together, through everything. Their crazy antics are hilarious! They are just so cute and na├»ve about reality you can’t help but love them. The way they conspire to make the scenarios in the books they edit come to life will have you shaking your head while smiling ear to ear. They are the bane of Devin’s existence and utter pains in the ass but they prove that real friends are there through thick and thin. They will pick you up when you are down and will set you straight when you are blinded by fear or love. 
This story is a Romance Suspense so along with a budding young romance between Devin and Calla, we also have the intrigue of murder in the small southern town. Filled with twists to make you go wow and sexy scenes to make you go ooh, Wallflowers is a great read to hit all your buttons.

Done in dual POV, the author keeps us up to speed on what exactly is running through the heads of our main characters. Of course, she leaves plenty of questions unanswered throughout to keep you interested and flipping through the pages.

To keep the series going, both Calla and Devin’s friends seem to have some attractions building, so I look forward to their stories in the future as well.

I recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a little romance along with their suspense. It is full of fun and great characters to make you laugh as well as swoon. Set in Savannah, Georgia, we get a good dose of southern hospitality with it as well and we are reminded how fast love can bloom when we open our heart to it under the right circumstances.

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